These ratings are based on the Bradley-Terry method. Ratings are compiled for NCAA FBS (Division 1-A) football and Division 1 basketball. The basic method considers only win/loss results and home field advantage; the margin-aware method is modified to use margin of victory as well with diminishing returns for blowouts.

Home field and a small adjustment to produce more realistic win probabilities for teams at the extreme ends of the rating scales have only been applied to the ratings starting with 2011 football.

Starting in 2014, a preseason adjustment based on the previous year’s rating is included early in the season. This adjustment is gradually removed as more games are played and eventually disappears entirely. It has no effect on the late-season ratings but should produce more reasonable early-season results. In addition, team pages are now available showing each team’s results.

I am not producing ratings for the 2020 college football season due to the reduction in non-conference schedules. The algorithm relies on having sufficient connection between all teams to establish relative ratings between them, and conferences playing no non-conference games would have no basis for rating relative to the rest.

Details of the method are available here.

Current ratings
  • Football 2020

    • No ratings for 2020 football season

  • Basketball 2020-21 (final)

Previous years

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